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Rubland industries have been a recognized name in the kerala since 2005 and it is managed by Mr. Soy Vattapillil. 


Our ProductRubland is the name of trust in rubber smoke house building in rubber planters in keral

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Hundreds of satisfied rubber planters across kerala

Natural rubber in India is mainly produced by small holder farmers and being the highest foreign currency generating agricultural commodity is of great importance for the Indian economy. Nevertheless, due to the lack of appropriate dryers, more than 80% of the total production has to be sold as low-grade Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) for a relatively low price. 

Smoking the sheets produces Ribbed Smoke Sheet grades of rubber, which sell for considerably more money than unsmoked sheets



Our Product Features

It is quicker than sun-drying and does not cause oxidation by ultraviolet radiation. Inside the smoke house, there is only limited supply of air and it is mostly filled with smoke and carbon dioxide. Hence chances for oxidation of rubber are very limited, provided the temperature is within limits. Also, the creosotic i.e. materials present in smoke, get deposited on the surface of the sheets thereby preventing mould growth on sheets

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Domestic Rubber Price
01 September 2016

Domestic Rubber Price

Daily and weekly rubber price and Rubland's Latest Rubber Smoke House Price

1000+ installations in 8 Years
01 September 2016

1000+ installations in 8 Years

We had successfully built more than 1000 rubber smoke houses inside Kerala from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargod.

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