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Natural rubber in India is mainly produced by small holder farmers and being the highest foreign currency generating agricultural commodity is of great importance for the Indian economy. Nevertheless, due to the lack of appropriate dryers, more than 80% of the total production has to be sold as low-grade Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) for a relatively low price. Smoking the sheets produces Ribbed Smoke Sheet grades of rubber, which sell for considerably more money than unsmoked sheets.

In order to improve the product quality, a smoke-heated rubber sheet dryer was developed by Soy Peter Vattappaly the proprietor of Rubland . It consists of smoke burner connected to a drying chamber. Fully-Controlled circulation of the exhaust smoke leads to the desired drying air temperature of 45–60°C and results in a significant reduction of the drying time. To enable drying independent of weather conditions, a biomass furnace was incorporated underneath the drying chamber

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